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Features Fashion Weeks have at present time

Fashion Weeks are the most influential and important events regarding fashion since their creation in 1943, as a way for the great cities and fashion capitals to show their new clothing collections, designers, innovation and so much more.

Being a marketing event from scratch Fashion Weeks are now more than that; these are magnificent shows now includes retail and wholesale buyers, influential journalists and editors from around the world, TV presence, media, celebrities and members of the entertainment business, without mentioning their impact on social media.

Like this, Fashion Weeks are now consider top entertainment events in the main cities where they take place, being New York, London, Paris and Milan, with plenty of features that were not present before and will be explained next.

Fashion Weeks like never before

  • The arrival of the “see now, buy now”: Fashion Weeks are semi-annual events that show seasonal clothing with a few months ahead. Well, this paradigm seems to be changing and designers like Tom Ford and Rebecca Minkoff refuse to make people wait until seven months to buy the new clothing line, so they can buy any cloth right away despite it never was like this before.

Of course, there is a lot of controversy regarding this “buy now” thing for many people involved in Fashion Weeks, since there are calendars to consider and influential designers are not agree with such change.

  • More “parties”, less catwalks: of course, Fashion Weeks are known to have lot a lots of catwalks with models showing new clothing lines from designers. In this case, it seems to be changing as well and becoming less frequent, since Karl Lagerfeld and others have arranged proper parties between friends, clients and why not, cocktails and food to present their new collections.

For example, designers invite influential people of the fashion business, along with mass and social media representatives, singers, celebrities and such parties are carried out in the most exclusive places of the city, such as luxury restaurants and clubs.

  • Social media with absolutely necessary omnipresence: thanks to social media and mobile devices connected people can be at the Fashion Weeks directly, and for that to happen platforms like Snapchat for live video streaming and Instagram for amazing photos are used.

So, the event is not only covered by official accounts or fashion firms, but journalists, celebrities, make-up artists, bloggers and photographers also cover the show, allowing millions to see it and enjoy thanks to social media.